Cable Crew, Inc. was founded by Larry Carter and Tony Mihalis in 2001.  From it's inception through December 2006, the company grew to 8 employees and generated approximately $400,000 in annual sales. 


In January 2007, Larry Carter sold his stock to Tony Mihalis. During the course of 2007 the company became a 100% Veteran Owned Business and expanded from 8 employees to 20 employees, realizing annual sales of 1.3 million. 


In June 2008 Cable Crew, Inc. was devestated by a flood, causing an incredible financial, emotiona and physcial hardship for the company and it's employees. However, by implementing a well though out contingency plan the company was able to rebound and finish 2008 with 32 employees and generated 1.4 million in revenu.  Cable Crew, Inc. continues to grow daily! 


On Tuesday, May 5, 2009 Cable Crew, Inc. lost one of it's best friends and Co-Founder, Mr. Larry Carter. 


As "Pilpay" describes it:  

Honest men esteem and value nothing so much in this world as a real friend.  Such a one is as it were another self, to whom we impart our secret thoughts, who partakes of our joy, and comforts us in our affliction; add to this that his company is an everlasting pleasure to us. 


This was Larry Carter.


Larry's commitment to quality and customer service was the foundation of what we have achieved and live by today. 


We cannont express the personal and professional loss we as a company have endured over the last couple of weeks.  Larry will be dearly missed but his friendship, professionalism and commitment to do business the right and fair way will never be forgotten and it will continue to be the basis of our business module.


Cable Crew, Inc. is a 100% Veteran Owned business.  Our primary focus is on the installation of modular office furniture, sound masking, technology products, structured wiring and over all project management. 

Cable Crew, Inc. has over 75 years of combined experience in the industry and is capable of handling even the largest and most complex projects.  We take pride in our work and make it a priority to complete our work ahead of schedule. 

Our mission is to assist clients and potential clients in developing a more profitable business through the use of our products and services. This will be achieved by providing high quality technology products in conjuction with project management and installation services.